Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

The Tonic Pocket Operator is a mini drum machine synthesizer


Teenage Engineering, the Swedish consumer electronics company, and manufacturer, was founded in Stockholm. It’s best known for its electronics and synthesizers. Their Pocket Operator series uses real synthesizer engines and has 16 preset sounds. PO-32 is their first Pocket Operator that allows unlimited sounds. PO-32 Tonic has a built-in microphone for transferring and receiving data over sound.


Teenage Engineering synthesizer Tonic Pocket Operator


It includes a sequencer, step multiplier, 3.5mm audio I/O, Jam Sync, an animated LCD display, and a folding stand. It’s battery powered with two AAA’s and has 1 month of battery life with an incredible 2 year standby time. This is an ultra-portable drum machine that sounds great. It’s an awesome value and lots of fun to use.